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At BUDA we design and implement complete solutions for managing and analyzing your business data.

At BUDA we are partners with VERSA DESIGN, a leading engineering company specializing in the manufacture and development of electronic products.

They focus their efforts on reducing the unit cost of the devices and on the connectivity via WIFI, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth and custom RF.

Thanks to our close collaboration, we can address and cover all the phases of development of a project, from the initial idea to its implementation, all with a technical support and with fast and efficient customer service …

We help compaies

to be more efficient in their day to day and better management and cost control in the flow of their data.

We are experts in devices connected to the internet (IoT & M2M). We have developed projects in different areas, streamlining and optimizing complex processes, reducing management and deployment costs.

Some sectors in which we have participated:

Security, intruder detection, remote opening / closing of doors, smoke detectors, temperature control, …

Patterns of consumption by use and by zones, costs predictions, …

Control of home appliances connected to the grid, energy saving (tariff selection by time of day), …

Fleet control with geolocation, route optimization and tracking of deliveries, …

Intelligent parking systems with free parking sensors, intelligent traffic signaling, …

Applications for public transport (schedules, routes in real time, service incidents)

Motion sensors, activity levels and automatic alarms for older people who are living alone.

Remote diagnostics for people with low mobility, people away from urban centers, …

Wearables, heart rate, glucose, temperature sensors and other vital signs…

Access control through cards or biometric systems, presence control systems and ‘man down’ alarms, …

Management of lighting and air conditioning / heating depending on the schedule and/or occupation, …

Security monitoring (control of rounds, entrances, fire alarms) and building status management …

Dynamic panels and signs according to traffic and / or climatic conditions, …

Control systems of consumption and leak detection with alerts and automation supply shut-off.

Predictive maintenance of machinery in assembly lines according to characteristics and conditions of use, based on its history.

BUDA b-Col protocol

We use our own protocol specially designed to work on a large scale with any type of device connected to the internet, which usually has little data processing capacity and limited connectivity.

The b-Col protocol was created by our engineers. It has been specifically optimized to be scalable and to work in environments with low connectivity, limited bandwidth and high latency.

Data flow schema
IoT Projects

In addition, b-Col guarantees a high transfer rate even with a large number of devices connected at the same time.


In the case of intermittent interruptions of connectivity, our systems can save the information for later upload to the remote database systems.


The communication using our protocol is lightweight and bi-directional, so it is possible for the equipment firmware to be updated remotely in a secure way.


Likewise, security in data transfer has been specially focused to avoid possible loss of information, external intrusions and other types of impersonation techniques.


Our IT solutions are easily scalable and capable of supporting a large volume of data.


Dedicated server systems (noSql shardered cluster) are managed by our own technical team under the highest security and monitoring parameters.

Other services

BUDA Platform

Buda platform allows any company secure, fully multi-device access to their data. The configuration is extremely simple and in a few minutes you can start using all its functionalities.

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Custom projects

Complete technological and customized solutions.

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