Business Data Software

Design and implementation of complete solutions
to managing and analyzing your data

The company

At BUDA we have been working for many leading companies in the Information Technology sector, developing online / offline applications and technical assistance.

One of the main assets of this company is the high know-how of its employees in the creation of customized business software and the new technologies for its development. BUDA team is firmly committed to open source libraries and tools and make a special focus on security by applying strong measures to prevent unauthorized data access.

We bring ideas and knowledge

We are proactive in all projects and we add a special value to all our customers

The mission

The main mission of the company is to consolidate itself as one of the main business data management platforms in the market, using technologically, innovative and secure products. Offering a real alternative to companies that currently only can have access to older systems and expensive or, otherwise, too simple or inefficient management platforms.

We've used BUDA in already several projects and the results have always been fantastic. BUDA brings us a rich and stable platform to build applications yet provides enough flexibility to accommodate our customer needs for a great variety of verticals. It offers tremendous value for money if you are looking for a fast time-to-market while spending more time on the issues that matter to your customer.

Miquel FonolledaCIO and Founder at ALBIRA Solutions

Trabajando con Buda hemos encontrado a un gran equipo de profesionales que velan en todo momento por la excelencia en el trabajo que realizan. Se percibe la voluntad de acompañar a sus clientes a lograr los objetivos marcados. Con Buda estamos totalmente tranquilos en que nuestros proyectos se realizan con las más novedosas tecnologías haciendo mucho hincapié en la seguridad de nuestros datos. Realmente un gran partner tecnológico para proyectos exigentes.

Ton Vilaplana Business Developer Net2Rent

La colaboración con BUDA siempre ha sido muy fácil, en mis proyectos han aportado soluciones prácticas a problemas recurrentes…

Astrid SanchezCEO en Set Settings - Coordinadora Master UX La Salle